Characteristics of Uttarashadha / Uthradam

Uthradam or Uttarashadha is ruled by the Universal Gods (Vishwe Deva). It is also known as the “Universal Star”. This nakshatra spans in Dhanus to Makara. Uttarashadha is introspective and penetrative and is concerned with intensiveness, the results of the latter being more permanent than the former. Uttaraashadha is the second part of the Nakshatra Sagittarius.

Uttarashadha / Uthradam

Uttarashadha / Uthradam nakshatra
Uttarashadha Nakshatra

Location: 26.40 Sagittarius to 10 Capricorn
Ruler: Sun
Deity: Vishwadevas (the sons of Lord Dharma)
Symbol: Tusk, planks of the bed
Animal: Male Mongoose
Lucky color: Copper
Ruling Deity of Sun: Shiva
Gender: Female
Gana: Manushya
Guna: Satwic

Uttarashadha Nakshatra characteristics: People of this nakshatra are obedient, grateful, are trained in the rules of virtue and believe in returning favors.

They are well mannered, pure at heart and soft-spoken. An innocence can be seen on their face. Their social condition is quite good and they don't like too much flashiness. When it comes to clothing or accessories, they like simple dressing. They are religious and respect others. Their nature is mysterious. That is why it is difficult to judge them in one meeting. There is a shine in their eyes and face may have a mole. They do everything with all their honesty and are clear about their thoughts. Neither they deceit anyone nor create any trouble. Being too nice at heart, they get stuck into serious problems at times. They don't trust anyone easily, but once they start trusting, they can do anything for the one.

They love an easy life and don't take any decision hastily. When they trust someone, they take suggestions from them. If they get annoyed with someone, they don't use harsh words and don't show their displeasure to their rivals as well. They have interest in spirituality. This makes them successful in life. Once they start walking on the spiritual path, they start finding all bonds and material life monotonous. Being hard working, they believe in working continuously. Be it education or work, they like to stay ahead of everyone. They will have to take the responsibilities of their family from their childhood. However, they will also have good time during that young age.

They must stay alert in any issue. Before getting into any partnership, know the person very well, otherwise they may have to face some problems. After the age of 38, they will get success from everywhere. Their life partner will be responsible and loving; but his/her health might be a cause of concern for them. Health issues related to eyes and stomach may trouble them. So, stay alert in this direction. They will have attractive looks, but they will be stubborn in nature. Unimportant arguments should be avoided. They will be well-educated and will get exclusive success in teaching or banking.

Uttarashadha nakshatra Male, Female characteristics: The males of this nakshatra are soft-spoken, pure-hearted, and innocent. They are known to respect everyone despite their professional achievements.

The females are simple by nature, uncomplicated yet are prone to aggressive nature. They are generally well-educated and career-oriented.

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