Taurus baby traits and character, Zodiac astrology of Taurus child

Taurian babies are pleasant, usually quiet and calm. They are sometimes a little shy, and they dislike being the centre of attention but respond well to affection, and return a great deal of affection. Although outbreaks are rare, the baby dislikes being opposed and can be stubborn about getting her own way.

A young Taurus will work steadily at a task. These babies will be occupied a long time with simple tasks and do the same with great deal of attention.

Do not force the taurian child to do something. This will make them stubborn, tell them with love and affection and they will charm you with their goodness.

With their charming nature, they will attract a lot of adults especially those of the opposite sex. Shows of physical affection toward your child are essential, but take care not to over do the same. They are sensitive to their surroundings and they will thrive in harmonious settings of both color and sound. Soft sounds and shades of pink and blue will be calming to your baby.

They are keen learners and once learnt something will not be forgotten. Encourage your child to express themselves through words, music or art because there will be a tendency to hide true feelings.