Gemini baby traits and character, Zodiac astrology of Gemini child

Just like their adult counterparts, the Gemini babies are often chatterboxes and very lively. The Gemini baby will love to explore and needs plenty of space to do so. Because of this, if you try to tie down a Gemini baby, they will become pretty irritated. They are very friendly and bright. The baby will enjoy playing with toys that involve using hands and fingers and they are usually skilled.

Like pisceans kids, Gemini children have lively imaginations and often live in a world where reality and imagination are mixed together. They are very inquisitive and will want to explore anything that takes their interest. Young children will be interested in a wide variety of games and sports and will want to be friends with other children of both sexes.

When parenting a Gemini child, you should ensure that they have the freedom to explore and investigate. Gemini's need to be free to follow several interests at once and to be able to change direction. You will need to teach your child to distinguish between illusion and reality, encouraging him to tell the truth.