Aries baby traits and character, Zodiac astrology of Aries child

Babies born under this star sign have an active mind and a strong body. These babies are attention seekers who like to be in charge and usually end up with a bad temper when tried to restrict their mischievous activities.

This makes the raising of an Arian baby quiet a challenging task. They like to do things their own way and trying to stop them will not yield positive results. Most Aries children are very direct about their likes and dislikes. Perhaps the best way to get an Aries baby into action is
to create a challenge and they will need to prove that he is better than anyone else.

With an inexhaustible curiosity, young Arians can achieve a lot in a short time. Your Aries baby will be generous with toys and have a vivid, practical imagination. They are usually very affectionate.

There is a danger that Aries children will react against authority at school. You will need to teach them to obey, perhaps by making it into a challenge. Arians need to be guided rather than ordered about, and they recover quickly from setbacks.