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Indian baby names and Hindu baby names

Indianhindunames.com, the Indian baby names and parenting resources website was launched to meet the needs of global Indians and desis. The website focuses on providing indian baby names, hidu baby names,hindu names and Indian parenting information.

The team at Indianhindunames.com realized that selecting an Indian baby name from the Internet is not easy and intuitive. These sites are run and maintained by non-Indians who have no idea of the content or the names are foreign but passed on as Indian. A third kind of site has really common Indian or hindu names for which you really don't have to browse a website. They are part of a portal and baby names is a small neglected section.

This made us create a state of the art user-friendly website that will bring Indians across the world a free baby name and parenting resource.

Users can find baby names by gender, by alphabet, by names of gods and goddess, Sanskrit names and in many other ways by birth month (rashi), birth star (nakshatra) etc. No other baby names and parenting site offers this many choice for selecting a suitable baby name. All this information is provided for free.

Indian Hindu Names.com Statistics

Currently the site receives around 10,000+ visitors per day and this number has been growing.

The Indian baby names app is the most downloaded for its category in Google Play store for Android apps. You can view the reviews and ratings here at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.indianhindunames.app

We have around 3000 plus followers in Social medis channels such as Facebook,Pinterest and YouTube.

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