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Getting Over Infant Sleeping Problems

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If you’ve recently given birth to a beautiful angel but are facing critical issues to putting the baby to sleep then you might want to consider a few remedies.

Infants are generally very cranky in the night especially if they’ve not had a night’s rest! This can bring about a lot of problem for young parents who are generally tired out after a day’s work at office. If your baby isn’t getting enough rest and continues to cry during the night then there must be a plausible reason for this. Generally most infants suffer from sleeping disorders due to inadequate milk or because of diaper rash. Irrespective of the condition you must be ready to put your baby to sleep ensuring that they receive every kind of nourishment and comfort beforehand. Your baby will probably cause tantrums for many reasons so you should understand the reason behind it first.

Things to Consider
Research says that babies have a higher rate of maturing during a sound sleep. If your baby doesn’t get enough sleep then it can seriously impair eyes and lead to health problems in the future. For a safe and sound sleep, you can provide certain amenities to your baby. The cot is the most important asset for taking care of your baby. It must be comfortable and should have a bed that shouldn’t be too soft or too hard. Baby sleep sacks are one of the ideal solutions to solving night tantrums since it is safe. Baby sleep sacks are fabricated to offer the right temperature for the baby to sleep in peacefully. This is a must-have in the crib.

Always make sure that your baby doesn’t sleep with clothes that are damp. Regularly changing diapers is important to avoid diaper rash which can offer great discomfort to the infant during sleep. You cannot expect your baby to sleep peacefully with a wet bed and wake up to continuous itching since it only offers to make them crankier. Cleaning your baby’s body and drying appropriately using a soft towel are just basics you must follow. Moisturizing the region that suffers from rashes is important to properly remove moisture. Dry clothes before sleeping and a new diaper must be used for the baby so as to prevent diaper rash.

Another important way to reduce night tantrums is by spending time with your baby. Young parents must understand that your baby requires security. The moment your child feels scared or insecure they’re bound to create havoc during the night. You should put your baby off to sleep with a lullaby which is the best form of giving your child a sound sleep. Sometimes recording the lullaby and playing it throughout the night can also give your child peace of mind. Ensure that your baby obtains regular supply of milk whether or not you’re breastfeeding. Insufficient quantity of food can often cause the baby to wake up in the night.

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Baby’s fear of strangers

Posted on timeJune 18th, 2009 by userPrem    flag(3) Comments

Many babies are introvert by nature whereas few others are not really shy of mingling with strangers. That’s one sign of a baby’s temperament. It is said that when a baby reaches age of 4 months, he or she begins to read people’s behavior and faces. Based on that they decide whether a stranger can be trusted or not. Many shy kids feel anxious and awkward when they see a stranger. Knowing this fact, parents should not worry about this process because it shows signs of development. It can also be understood that an anxious baby will be closer to his parents.

Kids have this amazing ability to feel what one is feeling and they are very good at mimicking one’s actions as well. If parents are reacting nicely to a stranger or welcoming him with pleasant smile then the baby is also likely to follow these traits. Parents can do their bit by telling the strangers about the shyness and anxiety of babies so that others could be more understanding of the situation.

Parents can also ask strangers about baby’s nature and ask others to give him more time so that in time, baby will start feeling more comfortable. Strangers like grandparents or other family members who are meeting the baby for the first time can gift the baby his/her favorite toy or play with things that he prefers. That way, baby will start believing in shared self-interests and will be trusting strangers soon enough. With the passage of time, baby will be quite comfortable with others and gain her own personality.

This article appeared on the Parenting Indian children blog by Kamal.

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Boys like Guns and Girls like their Dolls

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Have you wondered why boys like guns and girls like their dolls? Well the answer is quite simple, If you are a parent like us, you know that we buy guns for the boys and dolls for the girls. After sometime, they will just accept guns and if you buy them a doll, they will refuse playing with it or give it to the girls who visit them. Boys watch their dads and girls take cues from their mother. So the boys end up shaving, repairing toys and the girls end up doing makeup and cooking with their tiny kitchen sets.

As for Vaitu, he is so far not into Guns (we haven’t brought him a gun to be precise) but he is a major car freak. It is simple, I like cars and I end up buying him lot of miniature cars :). Apart from that, he has some kind of a liking for automobiles and can recognize most of them including a JCB. Now, that makes me a proud dad. Rishu on the other hand, can be spotted nowadays mostly with the broom or her moms makeup kit. Boys and Girls.

Ok, here is what Vaitu came up with this weekend when I was lazily going through the news papers. The photo quality may not be good coz I grabbed my mobile phone and took the pictures without breaking the formation. Neat right?

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