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Tips to buy the right toy to gift a kid

Posted on timeApril 20th, 2009 by userPrem    flag(4) Comments

Most of you have been through this, at some point in your life, you are faced with a situation where you need to buy a toy for a little one. If you are parents yourself, you have to buy for your kids, if you are not, you have to buy one to present or gift for your family, friend or colleague’s child. Buying the right toy is tricky and this article should help you in choosing the right toy the kid and the parents will like.

The Child’s age

You should have an idea of the child’s age before you enter the toy store. This is the most important. If you buy toys too advanced for the child’s age, chances are that he might not like it or he may get injured. On the other hand, if the toy you brought is made for children with age under that of the child, he will consider it to be too boring. Look on the carton, good toy makers do specify the age group the toy is intended for use.

Child’s gender

We already have blogged abut this. Why Boys like Guns and Girls like their Dolls. It is better to be gender specific when you pick up a toy. If you are a parent yourself, find out what best he likes to play with. Sometimes, your child tells you what toy he wants, thus saving a lot of hard work. But don’t count on this. If you let them, they will choose the entire store.

Educational value

If the toy you choose has some added educational value, it will help the kid to develop new skills. Alphabets, numbers, colors, nursery rhymes can all be easily taught with many of the toys you get in the market. For little bigger kids, you can buy games or puzzles that challenge them and keep them occupied.


Even though, this is the most important factor when you buy a toy, it is observed that this is also the most overlooked one. Choose toys that are not really cheap as the raw materials that go into making these will inturn be of inferior quality and dangerous. Avoid toys that have sharp edges or pointed tips. If you choose to buy a toy that is electronic, choose one that operates out of batteries than main power supply.

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Boys like Guns and Girls like their Dolls

Posted on timeMarch 30th, 2009 by userPrem    flag(5) Comments

Have you wondered why boys like guns and girls like their dolls? Well the answer is quite simple, If you are a parent like us, you know that we buy guns for the boys and dolls for the girls. After sometime, they will just accept guns and if you buy them a doll, they will refuse playing with it or give it to the girls who visit them. Boys watch their dads and girls take cues from their mother. So the boys end up shaving, repairing toys and the girls end up doing makeup and cooking with their tiny kitchen sets.

As for Vaitu, he is so far not into Guns (we haven’t brought him a gun to be precise) but he is a major car freak. It is simple, I like cars and I end up buying him lot of miniature cars :). Apart from that, he has some kind of a liking for automobiles and can recognize most of them including a JCB. Now, that makes me a proud dad. Rishu on the other hand, can be spotted nowadays mostly with the broom or her moms makeup kit. Boys and Girls.

Ok, here is what Vaitu came up with this weekend when I was lazily going through the news papers. The photo quality may not be good coz I grabbed my mobile phone and took the pictures without breaking the formation. Neat right?

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