Characteristics of Poorvashadha / Pooradam

Pooraadam or Poorvashadha is ruled by the Waters. Poorvashadha provides us additional energy for our efforts. It is also known as the “Invincible Star”. This nakshatra is associated with declarations of war.

Poorvashadha / Pooradam

Poorvashadha / Pooradam nakshatra
Poorvashadha Nakshatra

Location: 13.20 Sagittarius to 26.40 Sagittarius
Ruler: Venus
Deity: Apas (brings a strong connection with the element of water)
Symbol: Fan, Elephant Tusk, Basket
Animal: Male Monkey
Lucky color: Black
Ruling Deity of Venus: Lakshmi
Gender: Female
Gana: Manushya
Guna: Rajasic

Purvashadha Nakshatra characteristics: They are proud in nature, and have a strong attachment to friends with an agreeable spouse.

Their behavior is humble and Godly. They are quite logical and stay firm on their beliefs. There is a writer hidden in them, specially they might enjoy listening and writing poetry. But, there is just one fault in them that they take quite hasty decisions, which causes misunderstandings. There is a special quality of they that once they decide something, they just do it. No matter their decision was right or wrong. They have the power to decide immediately and nobody can win over them in talking. Just because of this quality of their's, people have a lot of attention for them. They have an amazing self-confidence and they are not the one who will give up easily. In very tough situations as well, they will keep amazing patience.

They are ambitious and always ready to take the risk. With all their patience and faith, they wait for the right time. They never get stressed due to hurdles. Their education will be good and they will get exclusive success in medical field. Also, they will have a lot of interest in Yoga or religious matters. They may get really successful in business, but the condition is that their employees should be honest and trustworthy. In their heart, they always have love and affection for everyone. Just because of this quality in their personality, they get enough respect and honor in society. They always try to be happy. By nature, they are polite and have interest in various arts as well as acting. Also, they have a lot of interest in literature, which means that they have a good knowledge about them.

They behave honestly and have a pure heart. It will be right to call they an ideal friend because they keep their friendships for life. They are the man (or woman) of their words. Their education will be quite good and their personality will have a strong attraction. They will be full of energy and enthusiasm. In adverse situations, they will never sit back. They have a strong hatred for lies because they believe in being truthful always and say everything clearly. When it comes on health, they must take good care of it and don't take any breath or lungs related issue lightly.

Purvashadha nakshatra Male, Female characteristics: The males are highly intelligent, are usually impulsive and argumentative. They can excel in any field, but a medical professional like a doctor suits them the best. They are also known to be interested in occult philosophy.

Females are usually intelligent, energetic, and highly enthusiastic. They are ambitious, well-educated, and professions like teaching or banking fit their personality.

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