Characteristics of Ardra / Thiruvathira Nakshatra

Ardra is ruled by Rudra, the fierce form of Lord Shiva who represents Thunder. This is the sixth nakshatra of the zodiac, having a spread Mithuna or Gemini and is ruled by the node Rahu.

Ardra Nakshatra

Ardra Nakshatra
Ardra Nakshatra

Location: 6.40 Gemini to 20.00 Gemini
Ruler: Rahu
Deity: Rudra (the God of storms and destruction)
Symbol: Teardrop, Diamond
Animal: Female Dog
Lucky color: Green
Ruling Deity of Rahu: Durga
Gender: Female
Gana: Manushya
Guna: Tamasic

Ardra nakshatra characteristics: They are motivated by desire, are passionate researchers, have an exploratory mind, and are abstract thinkers.

Born in the Aadra Nakshatra, they will be hard working and loyal toward their responsibilities. Since the lord of this constellation Rahu is a researcher, They are a born genius. It is natural that they seek knowledge about various subjects. They are quite a happy go lucky person and behave well mannered with everyone. Since they are the jack of all trades from research to business, they may get successful in any trade. They can gauge what the other person is thinking. That makes them intuitive in nature and are a good psychoanalyst.

They have a speciality of understanding what is around them and they don’t hesitate in sharing their experiences. They analyze everything deeply. They may look calm outside, but their active mind keeps a burning desire to succeed inside them. They are advised to keep a control over their anger. Situations keeps testing them, but they shield themself from breaking down. That is the reason why they are so much mature and experienced. They tend to keep their problems to themself and a bit secretive. At times, they are a bit child like who doesn’t know about what the future holds for them. But they resolve those problems with maturity. After sleeping over all the issues, they finally succeed in overpowering them.

They have an athletic personality. Multi tasking is their another forte. They may have a good interest in spirituality. They tend to ask lot of “why” and “how”, and keep on researching to get their answers. Mostly they will not be working in the place of their origin or where they are born, they may go abroad or other places for work. From the age of 32 to 42, they have a good time in their life cycle.

Ardra nakshatra Male, Female characteristics: Males have the ability to acquire Knowledge across domains, are humorous, are compassionate and cool-headed, and are able to maintain their equanimity during difficult times.

Females are well-mannered, have a peaceful disposition, and are fairly good in education. They can earn well in fields such as medicine or pharma.

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