Characteristics of Purvabhadra / Poorattathi

Poorattathi or Poorvabhadrapada is ruled by Aja Ekapad, the one-footed serpent. This nakshatra spans in Kumbha to Meena. Poorvabhadrapada raises up our spiritual aspiration in life and takes us out of the domain of selfish behavior.

Purvabhadra / Poorattathi

Purvabhadra / Poorattathi nakshatra
Purvabhadra Nakshatra

Location: 20.00 Aquarius to 3.20 Pisces
Ruler: Jupiter
Deity: Aja Ekapada (the one-footed God)
Symbol: Front legs of a funeral cot (indicates a strong connection to the element of fire), Two-faced man
Animal: Male Lion
Lucky color: Silver Grey
Ruling Deity of Jupiter: Shiva
Gender: Male
Gana: Manushya
Guna: Satwic

Purvabhadra nakshatra characteristics: They are intelligent scholars and are highly skilled at making money.

They are peace-loving and intelligent. They are unbiased and leads a simple life. They have complete faith in God and religious matters also interest them. As their heart is pure, they always stay ready to help others. More than material wealth, they have the wealth of good reputation and they are genuine and real. It is their quality to speak truth and be truthful. Being honest, they stay away from dishonesty and cheap tricks. In any situation, they don't lose hope because they are optimistic. They alway stay ready to help others because they are benevolent. Whenever someone is in trouble, they will be the first one to reach out.

They are sophisticated and friendly. That is why they meet people with much love and affection. In friendship, they take good care of people who are honest and rational. They are pure at heart with a holy conduct and never try to hurt anyone. Just because of this speciality in their personality, people trust them. If you consider their education and wisdom points, they are quite intelligent. They have interest in literature as well. Apart from this, their interests include science, astronomy and astrology. They can be an expert of these subjects. They put their thoughts being unbiased and without prejudice. In addition to spirituality, they have a good knowledge of various subjects.

They are an idealist and give more importance to the knowledge than money. In terms of earning a living, job and businesses both are positive for them. They prefer doing business than job and on job they will attain a higher position. If they go for business, they put all their efforts to make it grow. They like to do business in partnership. When it comes on responsibilities, they understand them very well and perform their duty honestly. They don't let negative emotions overpower them and come out of negative situations by taking initiative with courage. In order to achieve their name, they never hurry and take a lot of time in planning patiently.

Purvabhadra nakshatra Male, Female characteristics: The males born in this nakshatra are usually peace-loving, but flare up occasionally. They are intelligent and have great business acumen.

Females of this nakshatra are honest and sincere when it comes to working. They have great leadership skills and are well educated in the fields of science and technology which makes them a great teacher or a scientist.

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