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ancient mythological vedic names


One of Ravana's counsellors.


Mahadevi, Kali, or Parvati. Tara is also the name of Vali's queen.


Taragam is the name of forest, where dwelt ten thousand heretical rishis, who taught that the universe is eternal, that souls have no lord and that performance of works alone suffices for the attainment of salvation. Shiva taught them lesson and they became his followers. This legend is associated with Shiva's dance.


A demon slain by Kumara, the first son of Shiva.


Siva's cosmic dance.


Assumed name of Sahadeva at Virata's court.

Tilottama was an Apsaras. She is reputed to have been created by Vishwakarma from Tila seeds. She was responsible for bringing out the mutual destruction of the Asuras Sunda and Upasunda.


Tripura (meaning three cities, in Sanskrit) was constructed by the great architect Mayasura. They were great cities of prosperity, power and dominance over the world, but due to their impious nature, Maya's cities were destroyed by Lord Shiva.


Trishira that is, one having three heads, was an asura mentioned in the Ramayana. He was one of the seven sons of Ravana, and his other brothers were Indrajit, Prahasta, Atikaya, Akshayakumara, Devantaka and Narantaka.


A divine plant according to Hinduism

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