Baby naming guidelines

While there are rules or accepted practices for naming anything, but when it comes to naming your baby there are none. In India, you have very little time compared to other countries when naming the kid since sex detection operations are not done. So, you can only think of a baby name after the baby is born.

Please find our baby naming guidelines. These are very basic and very good to keep in mind to arrive at a good name.

Guideline number 1 - Pick a name that pleases you and your spouse

It is very common to find that people and relatives chipping in with their names when it comes to naming a baby. Just because you love an old long name doesn't mean you name your kid that way. It is best to go with the times and choose a name that pleases you and your spouse.

Guideline number 2 - Don't pick just one name

Don't just have one name in mind, chances are that your best friends daughter also have the same name or the neighbourhood trouble maker aunty shares that name. It is best to have a small list of names.

Guideline number 3 - Team work

It is best you discuss with your wife or husband about the names you have in mind. Better, if both of you can browse together. If your spouse is not into the Internet, take print outs of the pages and go through the lists available here.

Guideline number 4 - Be gender specific

There are lot of unisex Indian names which can be given to both boys and girls but it is better to be specific about the gender while naming your baby. I had a girl class mate who had her name as Prem Kumari, this was cause of great confusion for the teachers as well as students. Do check our tool to find the gender of a name.

Guideline number 5 - Avoid silly names

I know a friend of mine who named his kid laddoo, I do agree laddoo is a good sweet and is yummy but is not right for a baby name. Usually in schools, people tend to get nick names, so it is better to stay away from a name which can be easily mocked.