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Numerology, Nameology services has tied up with world renowed numerologist/ nameologist
M. S. Jain to provide you with his services. Read on to find how numerology can help you in choosing the perfect name for the success of your baby.

One of the most important tasks of parenting is naming your child. This is because when you choose a name for your baby, you are creating the baby’s future. Your baby’s name is the single most important influence on the development of your child's personality and destiny. The name creates a unique vibration and specific life experiences for the baby based on sound, resonance and numerical values, and reveals, the "personal" characteristics and soul development areas of the child.

The baby names you chose will create the baby’s mind. It is that direct a relationship. The last name is vital as well, as it creates an important total name influence when combined with the first name.

A balanced baby name will create intelligent mental qualities such as being expressive, happy, generous, outgoing, giving, responsible, reliable, stable, intellectual, and people-oriented - to name just a few.

Whatever your baby's inner qualities are, they will develop more naturally with a balanced baby name.The names you give your baby are vital and they will affect the child's destiny. But gaining a greater understanding of these principles, you can become the best parent possible. Your baby is under your mental guidance for many years.

For eg. one person named his child as Manish betala and he meet us at some place and duing discussion mentioned that his child is always sick with some or the other health problem on analysis of his name we fond that his name no is 35 which has terrible effect on health and we have advised him to correct his son name to manish kumar jain name no 42 which represents good health.

One another incident was of a his child who is intelligent yet does not perform good in studies. On analysis we found the name L Rishab Ranka comes to 28 which is the worst number in 1 series. we have advised him to change the name to Rishab Kumar Jain and his number came to 37 which is the best no in 1 series.

There are thousand more examples like Manish and Rishab now its the time for you to realize and set your baby name right from the very begning itself.

So what are you waiting for? Click the button below and then submit your details. He will then assist you with the name being numerologically good for the overall success of your kid. The charges are Rs. 750 or US $16 which you will pay using credit card.

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