Advertise at, Parenting and baby names portal is a great place to advertise your services, business or products. It is affordable and our ad spots are designed in a way to grab maximum eyeballs. have 1 Million (10,00,000) plus page views a month now and 80% of these are unique new visitors. 20% users are return visitors to our website.

We do not rotate our advertisements, that means they will remain visible to our users at all times.

Our ad slots

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200px x 200px Square banner
160px x 600px Large side banner
728px x 53px Large footer banner
468px x 60px Content banner

The ads can be either JPG, GIF, Flash or HTML formats.
Ads should not contain nudity or content that is not family safe.
The maximum file size of an image or HTML ad should not be more than 40kb.
No expanding Flash adverts please, they are an annoyance.
Audio has to be user-initiated with "mute" and "stop" functionality.

Since we don't rotate ads, please contact us at before your campaign to check the availability of the slot and the price.

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